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Business Chat

Includit Business Chat connects your team with business contacts and store all communication as part of your company records. Team members can start chat conversations from your business data, e.g. Leads, Prospects, Customers, Opportunities, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Suppliers, Purchase Orders, Vendor Invoices and more.


Collaborate with your team and contacts outside your organization. Invite your business contacts to use Includit to communicate with your company.

Website integration

Channel your Website’s contact pages to a secure business conversation and automatically assign contacts to the right team by request topic. Instant notifications ensure rapid response.

Shared Contact Book

The shared Contact Book enables your team to effectively initiate chats with coworkers and external contacts, as well as making phone calls, sending text messages and e-mail and finding customer locations.

Online Accounting Sync

Use Includit alone or experience the efficiency of a single system of record through Includit’s tight integration to a growing list of online accounting systems. Seamless data sync ensures that your online accounting system and the Includit app fuses into one.

Push Self-Service

Push Self-Service automatically sends invoices from your accounting system to customers chat conversations. The recipient can then save, share, print and discuss the invoice.

Document Management

Share, discuss and relate business documents to your business data. Documents can originate from contacts, employees, printing Includit business documents and your online accounting system.

For users

Connect securely with businesses.

Discuss using secure business chat while sharing images and documents. Receive quotes, confirmations and invoices and discuss them in a chat conversation.
Includit connections are made by invitation only. A business must first send you an invitation. After accepting the invitation, you have full access to engage with that business.

Includit is designed for communication with businesses. If you want to chat with friends and family, you should to use a regular chat app.

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