Connect Edition

You want to chat and share documents with employees at one or more companies.

Business Chat

Engage in multiple chat conversations with multiple companies. As soon as a company sends you an invitation, you can begin to answer chats and start new chat conversations. Use the chat to receive and send documents.

Document Cloud

Send and receive documents and images. Receive invoices in the chat and save and print them. You can also discuss received invoices in the chat. All documents are stored by Includit and becomes part of the company records.

Business Edition

You run a business and want to service and communicate with your customers contact persons.

Shared Contacts Book

Your employee share information on accounts and contact. The Contact Book enable you to locate a visiting address and start a new chat, phone call or text message. You can send contacts e-mail invitations to join Includit with a single click. You can edit and create new accounts and contacts in Includit.

Website Integration

Using the Includit Portal website you can easily generate HTML snippets which can be pasted into you own website as contact forms. This directs traffic from your website, landing pages, etc. into the workflow and chat.

CRM Workflow

The CRM workflow allows you to manage Leads, Prospects and Customers, and create unlimited Opportunities. You can create Leads in the app or accept Web Leads coming from your website (see Website Integration). You can also assign an account manager and engage in chat conversations.

ERP Integration

Seamless two-way data exchange between Includit and your back-office business system ensures that you have all the benefits of shared accounts data and reliable inventory values.

Depending on your business system, Includit has numerous contact points. Common to all is, that a completed sales order is send to your business system for invoicing. The invoice PDF-fil is then retrieved and pushed to the recipient in a chat message.

Professional Edition

You like the Business edition and now wants to implement Includit in your company and use workflows.

Business Workflows

Tap into the power of Includit’s business workflows with more than 25 business entities covering Sales, Purchase and Inventory. Includit workflows enables you to manage accounts, assign employees to accounts and other data and drive your business forward.

Harvest new business from your website and send it directly into the Sales workflow. Find new business in the field with the support of your entire company in your mobile.

Unlimited Data

You can manage an unlimited number of accounts, contacts, products, master/details (e.g. Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders), etc. 10 Gb of shared storage of media files and documents is included per employee.