Get started

Important: Includit is a secure closed-circuit app which allows chat conversations between employees of a company and their contacts and coworkers.

Please use a regular chat app if you like to chat with anybody from your contact book.


Download the app from App Store or Google Play. Search for ‘Includit’ and install the app.

Personal settings

We recommend that you update your personal information and picture under the Settings tab.

First chat

Includit requires you to have a relationship with a company using the app. You need to be a contact person invited by a company, an employee of a company or create your own company.

By invitation

An invitation can be obtained in several ways:

  1.   When you have a meeting with employees of a certain company, they can send you an invitation. The invitation will be send to your app and open a new chat conversion.
  2.   You can contact a company on their website and enter your information in a contact form. Then you’ll receive an invitation in the app or by e-mail and can continue your conversation here. Look for the Includit-logo on website contact forms.

As an employee

A colleague is already using the app and has created a company. After your colleague creates you as an employee, you’ll receive and invitation and can start communicating with contacts and coworkers.

Create new company

Go to the Includit Portal and select Enroll.

You’ll see several new menu items. Click ‘Company Settings’, fill-in your company details and upload your logo.

You are now ready to add Customers, Suppliers and Contacts.
– Open the Workflow tab and locate Customers.
– Click New and add customer details.
– Click Save.

Then click the Contacts menu line and add one or more contact persons.

You can now click the Invite menu and send out invitations.

Tip: Includit is integrated to online accounting systems which already holds most of the information you’ll need. If your accounting system is on the list, you can sign-up and easily load customers, vendors and contacts into the app, thus saving a lot of time.